Water Tower

Water Tower
Picture of test build

Barry B1 Class in faded livery

This kit is a representation of the Water Tower at Ferndale (Glynrhedynog) Shed in the Rhonnda Valley Sth. Wales.

For those wishing to use a different location, a riveted sides version and a shorter 35mm (1.4") version are also available.

3D printed from high defination plastic with alignement aids, i.e. peg and hole etc. to make assembly straight forward. No soldering skill required as super glue or similar will do the job.

Overall dimensions are as follows:-

Height = 186mm (7.4") Length = 85mm (3.4") Width = 63mm (2.5")

Tank = 85 L x 63 W x 42 H

These kits will be supplied to order with delivery taking approximately 3 weeks, Post FREE UK only.