88D Models About Us

A range of 0 gauge kits designed by a modeller for modellers at a scale of 7mm to the foot, 1/43 scale. My railway modelling interests lie in the Welsh Valleys, from after grouping through into BR days and whilst not a Welsh man, I’ve always felt comfortable when in South Wales.

This venture has come about because of my desire to build and populate a layout based in the Rhymney Valley and the lack of models to satisfy that desire. Having said that the first model a Rhymney Railway S1 Class is an odd choice, but it kept things simple for both my designer and myself.

The Range has grown and now includes models of from other Welsh Railway Companies and the GWR.

The kits contain a mixture of etched, 3D printed and cast parts, along with all the necessary other bits, with the exception of wheels, motor/gearbox, paint and transfers. The illustrated instructions should enable most modellers to construct a finished model to a high standard. Each kit is proof built by myself and the instructions are generated from this process.

I’ve tried to take some of the pain out, by tab and slot location of the major parts. Holes are pre-etched or printed and dimples are provided for rivets or holes best drilled during construction. I won’t deny you will need a reasonable tool kit and elsewhere I outline what I believe to a sensible list. However, if yours skills lie elsewhere you can always order a Ready to Run (RTR) model with or without DCC and or sound.