GWR 36xx 2-4-2T (Birdcage)

GWR 36xx 3604

36xx with original bunker and Camel boiler GWR 36xx 3603 36xx with upgraded bunker and D3 boiler

Progress report update.

Having analysed the variations of this locomotive, I have concluded, there will be just 1 kit, which will NOT cover the first batch which had shorter frames, bunker etc.

Various components will be supplied to cover “smooth” and riveted smoke box saddle, tanks, bunkers. Similarly, both the Camel and shortened No 3 tapered boiler as well as a wealth of other variation parts will be included. These will include various cab front overlays to allow for large, small or no spectical windows and large or reduced rear windows.

This will follow my general design of Nickel Silver etches, brass castings, sub-assembly construction, but will have a minimum of 3D printed parts.

A suitable frame spacer will allow support of a motor gearbox from Slaters New Range, additionally frame spacers for Scale 7 will be included.


Under Construction
Kit Price TBA
Release Date
Q1 2022