56xx Toolboxes

56xx Toolbox Set

A set of 3 etched brass GWR toolboxes for the class 56xx. The 2 standard cab versions could be used various other locos. The large one is a No.18 and the small one is a No.11.

Cab Roof Angles

Cab Roof Angles

Intended for use on front and rear edges GWR domed cab roofs, but could be used on other locos. 4 pieces of 1 x 1 x 70 mm milled brass angle.

GWR Toolbox

Marine End Coupling Rods

8' 0" / 7' 3" - suitable for several Rhymney Railway locos.

Boiler Clamps

Boiler Cylinder Clamps

These are very durable adjustable clamps. Ideal for holding boiler, smokebox and various other sheet metal cylinders whilst being soldered to form a tube.

They will stand a fair amount of heat whilst soldering.