Rhymney Railway 47' 9" All 3rd Coach


Rhymney Railway 47' 9rdquo; All 3rd Coach

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These carriages were built between 1919 & 1921 at the Rhymney's own workshop at Caerphilly and the Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd to Diag C10. They survived in service until the 1950s , some being down graded to colliey workmen's trains. Most were Auto Train fitted by the Rhymney almost as soon as they were built, after grouping the GWR made various alterations. For RR & GWR numbering refer to the data sheet here. Rhymney Railway Carriage Data

This is a multimedia kit with etched Nickel Silver - Body, Bogie & Underframe, printed or cast brass parts - the Roof is pre-rolled and all the bigger or more difficult folds "releaved" to make bending possible with care by hand.
The Bogies have full break gear with plastic brake shoes (NO shorts) and designed to accept Slater Wheels, but others shouldn't be a problem.
The Underframe is highly detailed and comes complete with, dynamo, battery box, brake cylinder and linkage.
The Body design has "pockets" to accept glazing after painting and is designed to bolt the underframe to make painting easier. The Roof is removable which again will make painting easier and allow the fitting of interior detail. (Seperate pack)
As per normal wheels, paint and transfers required to finish.

Kit Price TBA
Release Date
Q2 2022