GWR Class 82
Rebuilt from RR P and P1 Classes

RR 5 - GWR 76

Ex RR Class 52 in BR Black livery
Release Date
Q? 202?

Grouping resulted in the brakes being converted to steam with auxiliary vacuum injector, this work was carried out to all four P and P1 Class locomotives during 1924-26.

Whilst No 82 (RR No 4) was undergoing this work at Caerphilly it was fitted with a GWR Standard No 10 superheated taper boiler. As this was obviously successful, when it came to rebuild the two P1 Class Locomotives in 1929 and 1930 they too received a No 10 boiler. No 83 waited until 1939 to receive a No 10 boiler. Other modifications included a GWR style cab and bunker. The final modification to this class was No 77 and 83 were fitted with under sprung leading axles.

They were withdrawn from 1950 through to 1954; please refer to the data sheet in the support section for information as to when locomotives were rebuilt.

This is a multimedia kit with beam compensation etched in Nickel Silver with printed or cast brass parts and "Marine End" coupling rods. As per normal wheels, motor/gearbox, paint and transfers required to finish.

A selection of number plates and GWR Caerphilly style transfer are available. Shop