GWR Bullion Van

878 W820W

Customer's build Customers Bullion van

A liitle known activity, for which the GWR constructed a number of special vehicles, was the conveyance of gold bullion to and from the USA vis Plymouth.

Built in 3 Lots between 1903 and 1913, this kit covers only the latter two Lots, Lot 1139 of 1907 running numbers 819 - 820 and Lot 1220 of 1913 running numbers 878.
Width an overall length of 36ft, a width of 8ft and a height of 7ft they have a distinctive appearance.
Doors were only fitted to one side and sported a heavy handle with a central key hole.
Number 878 is still sporting her GWR livery at Birmingham Snow Hill on 31st May 1956, whilst W820W is pictured at Exter St Davids. There is pictorial evidence of 878 being out shopped in crimson lake livery around 1912.

The kit is etched brass complete with 9ft american style bogies, detailed underfame. Other items include sprung buffers, couplings, brake and steam pipes.

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Kit Only
Wheels (3' 7" coach)