Rhymney Railway AP Class

RR AP Class newly in GWR onwership. RR AP Class in GWR onwership.

The AP Class was the ultimate Rhymney Railway passenger locomotive and final development of P1 Class of 1917. When originally built they had many polished bright metal fittings, with lined Rhymney green livery and chocolate underframes.

Built with slightly larger cylinders and steam heating from the outset this resulted in more power to climb hills and more comfort for passengers. As with many Rhymney locomotives the AP used previously tried and tested parts from previous builds i.e. A1 boiler with Belpair firebox.

As new they were fitted with Westinghouse brakes, however upon Grouping these were replaced with steam brakes and auxiliary injectors during 1925/26.

RR numbers 35 – 38, GWR 78 – 81, GWR number plates are available.

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