Taff Vale Railway 04

TVR 48 - GWR 289

TV 04 Class in faded livery

TV04 Test Build

TV 04 as new (RTR Details)

The Taff Vale 04 Class was built in four batches by three different manufacturers - a total of 41 engines. The first 7 by Manning Wardle in 1907, then 14 by Beyer-Peacock, followed a further 10 in 1910 and 10 from Vulcan Foundry the same year. The first 7 engines were 6" shorter than subsequent batches are not covered by either of the following kits.

88D12 - Round Firebox Engines

88D12G - GWR Rebuilt Engines

This is a multimedia kit with beam compensation etched in Nickel Silver with 3D printed or cast brass parts. As per normal wheels, motor/gearbox, paint and transfers required to finish.

We can supply wheels and plunger pickups for this kit at a discount.

Number plates are also available Number Plates.

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