Rhymney Railway S1 Class

The S1 Class (RR Nos 32-34) was an updated version of the S Class and were built by Hudswell Clark and introduced in 1920. The most obvious differences from the S Class of 1908 were the boiler with a belpaire type firebox and the shape of the bunker.
The only modifactions of note was that the Westinghouse brake equipment was replaced by steam in mid 1920s. (RR No 33) was fitted with underslung front springs in 1952.

This model depicts the Class after steam braking was fitted in GWR days and upto withdrawal in 1954.

GWR Nos. 604, 605, 606
BR Nos. 90, 91, 92

Cab side shutters are included. The exposed safety valves as per the upper picture, can substituted at no extra cost.

This kit is only available to order, please send a message to discuss pricing.