GWR 56xx

GWR 56xx

Class 56 in BR Black livery Works Image

Due to the high volume of coal traffic in South Wales in the 1920's more engines were required. Following on from the success of the 0_6_2 wheel arrangement of the existing locomotives the GWR decided to build their own version, namely the 56xx. A total of 200 locomotives were built with only slight alterations over the years.

This kit has a number of additional parts to enable the modeller to construct various versions of the prototype.

This is a multimedia kit etched in Nickel Silver with 3D printed or cast brass or white metal parts, copper chimney and etched coupling rods. Parts are supplied for either sprung horn blocks or beam type compensation.

An etched 2 part Motion plate is supplied to assist those wishing to fit full working inside motion. Additionally a 3D printed "dummy" version is also supplied to help fill the "void". Dummy Motion

As per normal wheels, motor/gearbox, paint and transfers required to finish.

A selection of number plates are available. Number Plates

Click to see whats in the box. Kit Contents

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66xx Kit Only

56xx Kit Only
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