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I have received news today to my etching company has shut down for the foreseeable future. Therefor I will be unable to replenish my stock of kits.

During this period I will be available, so call or e-mail me if you need help.

On a brighter note I have received drawings for the Cardiff Railway, Kitson built 0-6-0T #7, so if I can't skive off I'll have to design some new kits ready for later in the year. Good luck, keep safe and hopefully I'll see you soon, Mike.


Unfortunately Newgog has had to be cancelled in the interests of Public safety and Goverment guidlines.

We will continue to trade on line or over the telephone, we can take payment by Credit and Debit card both on line and over the phone. Further we will accept payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque (5 days clearance).

I'd like to wish everbody a safe passage through these difficult times and look forward to meeting you at the earlist oportunity.


Following on from the RR P1 I have just sent the drawings to the etchers for a GWR 56xx. These test etches should be back to me within the next fortnight and it is probable I will have demo model for NewGog.

Many of the casting are in stock and a few 3D printed items are still required as of today.

On another note, the test etches have arrived for the RR 47' 9" bogie brake carriage and this weekend will be spent burning my fingers doing a test build. As soon as I have some pictures I'll put them on the Gallery page.


Due to the location of most exhibitions it is not possible or desirable to travel there and back in a day and therefore involves at least one nights stay. This greatly adds to the costs of attending and reduces the viabilty of continuing to introduce future kits.
I have therefore come to the decision to limit the number of shows that I will attend this year, namely NEWGOG (Newport - April), Reading (Dec), BOGG (Bristol - Jan 21) and if it comes to fruition High Wycombe (Oct?).

As current stocks run out I not replenish certain models and the website will indicate which are "To Order Only", this will normally involve a 2-3 weeks leadtime.

On the upside I have now completed the Rhymney Railway P1 test build and I will give more details in a day or so.


Instructions for the Taff Vale 04 tank are now available Instructions Page


Normal service is resumed!

The Cristmas Sale has ended and a thank you to all those who participated. Please come and say hello at Bristol, you never know the Erecting Shed may have something new.

The Carrige Shop has reported that the fit of the roofs for the Rymney coaches leaves something to be desired, therefore the Design office has been informed and are working on this. This therefore means that the release date for these has been pushed back until NEWGOG in April.


After a most enjoyable show at Reading my thoughts have turned to recharging my batteries.

I've decided therefore that I will close from the 21st December until the 5th January inclusive. During this period I will endevour to look at my e-mails every few days but not promise to respond until after my break.


Having found a more efficient way of producing Locomotive Number Plate set, I have managed a considerable price DECREASE! follow link Number Plates, please check regularly as I will gradually increase the range.


Christmas Sale

20% Off the following Kits

Brecon & Mertyr 45 Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

Rhymney Railway S1 Class £265.00 - less 20% = £212.00

Rhymney Railway A Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

Rhymney Railway AP Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

Rhymney Railway P Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

GWR rebuild of A - 52 Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

GWR rebuild of AP - 78 Class £295.00 - less 20% = £236.00

Cheques are acceptable and Bank transfers can be arranged, call me.


The Design Office has issued a revised drawing for the Rhymney Railway carriage bogies which it is hoped will result in more favourable ride characteristics. The Carriage works are in the process of manufacturing and building a pair of new bogies to this design.

The redesign of the the carriage drop lights is well advanced and new drawings for this are imminent.

The erecting shop has had some difficulties with the re-build of TV 04 and the design of office is producing revised drawings which will be issued shortly. Following a successful re-build these locos whill be available soon.


As of now all current and future kits will either have Scale 7 parts included or there will be a Scale 7 version available to order.

As the range increases, I will not keep in stock every model, I will update the website shortly to indicate Stock levels. Lead time for a kit is normally 2-3 weeks depending on whether other orders are going through.

I've been approached by several "Welsh" modellers to look at the possibility of producing basic 4mm versions of my range. This in principle will be etches only with a basic chassis capable of compensation if desired and modellers would be expected to source fittings etc from their normal sources. As I'm up to my neck with commissions etc. this will not happen in a hurry.


I'd like thank everyone who came and said hello at Telford. Your support is greatly appreciated and I look forward to meeting many of you at Reading in December.


Locomotive Works Update

As a part of continuing development Scale 7 frame spacers are now included in TV 04 kits along with longer stretcher bars at no extra charge.


Carriage and Wagon Dept Report

The 2nd test build of of the Rhymney C10 & C11 Carriages have been largly successful. However there are problems with the "drop light" design and the bogies have been found to to have unreliable ride characteristics, leading to derailments.
Therefore more work is required on the design before these can enter service and this is underway at present.

Locomotive Works Report

The test build of of the early TAFF VALE 04 Class locomotives has been very successful. Some minor alterations to the drawings will be required and this should be complete by 20/08/2019. The first batch of 3D parts have arrived and will fitted in the next couple of days, various other fittings are in the stores.
Therefore these engines should/will make their debut at Telford all be it in very small numbers with more to follow.

The design office has reported that preliminary work has begun on the Cardiff Railway K Class (No 11), no completion date has yet been advised, but it is hopeful to complete this before Christmas.


Our plans to prepare a stock of kits for Telford are currently being frustrated by sales!

We will do our utmost to keep supplies topped up but it would be both helpful and prudent to let us know in good time, ie soon, if you wish to buy a particuler kit at the show.


Thanks to an e-mail from one of my clients who bought a GWR County Kit, I have been alerted to a problem regarding the length of the Connecting Rods. I won't go into the reason for this faux pas at this juncture, but needless to say a solution was required.

I have therefore drawn up some replacement connecting rod sets and I will try to contact everybody about sending them a set. If you haven't got a set by end of next week, please contact me.


I've received the test etches for Rhymney Railway Brake 3rd Carriage today and the 3D parts are being printed as I write this.

Work has stated on the Taff Vale 04 Locomotive, but it is slow going due to the complexity of the various batches and modifications to the Class over the years.


We shall be at Reading on 7th December 2019.


Just a quick update on the Rhymney Carriages.

I have revised the design to both simplify construction and reduce production costs and hence the Selling Price. The Bogies designs are complete including all the 3D printed parts. The Underframe needs a check over to ensure everything is as it should be before ordering.

Lastly, I have decided to do the Brake 3rd as the first kit, some of these were auto fitted and I'm looking at a conversion pack to enable this. I hope to complete the "body" in the next couple of weeks, where upon I will order the various components for a test build.


For all those who have purchased the B&M 45 Class kit, the instructions are now available for download (new sales will include them in the box). Please note if downloading instructions you also need the zip file.

All pages and files for downloading on this site have been checked to be Virus/Trojan free. The only scripts are to ensure the pages work correctly.


Good to see many of you at NEWGOG and being able to catch up. Following on from your kind comments it has revitalise by batteries and I will be continuing with designing more kits, especially the RR Carriages.

I'm making progress with reducing the production costs for the RR Carriages by reducing any duplication of parts and redesigning some aspects, thus making them more viable.


BOGG 26th January 2020 now confirmed, hope to see you all at NEWGOG this Saturday.


Brecon and Merthyr 45 Class build pictures updated. Build Pictures

One of the etched sheets will have to be done again as I have found a couple of errors. Therefore, I have seen an opportunity to simplify the painting by having a number of detachable assemblies.

By opening out some holes to 1.4mm (12BA clearance) and tapping the corresponding hole, it is possible to end up with the following assemblies.
1) Footplate with Valances
2) Cab and Bunker
3) Tanks
4) Smokebox and Boiler
5) Buffer Beams
6) Chassis
Full details will be provided in the illustrated instructions.


Brecon and Merthyr 45 Class build pictures updated. Build Pictures


I'd like to apologise to anyone who has received a slow response to their enquiries, my computer died Monday morning. After 2 days of contact with various software vendors, I came to the conclusion it would be quicker to install a new disk and fresh software, WRONG! Finally after another 2 days of one outfit fixing their bit and messing up someone elses, I have a working PC, the only saving grace was I had backed up all my data to the "Cloud" and therefore was able to retreive everything - I think, time will tell.

Now for the good news, the new etches for the B&M 45 Class tank arrived yesterday, as did the printed parts, the castings are already in stock. So I can see some very long days next week doing a test build whilst carrying on with the other commisions. If any body has any 36 hour days to spare, I'd be grateful!

I'll try and put a few test build pictures on the B&M 45 page Build Pictures each evening.


Thank you to all the people who stopped by at Kettering last weekend.

The updated drawings for B&M 45 Class are complete and have been sent for etching. Similarly new files for the 3D printed parts are complete and an order has been placed for these. Castings are already in stock, which just leaves the instructions to be written.

Some progress has been made on the supply issues relating to the RR Coaches.


Due to supply chain problems the Rhymney Coaches have been put on hold.

This doesn't affect any of the other kits.


I'm currently making the test build of the first Rhymney bogie carriage. Picture will start to appear at the following link. RR All 3rd Coach Build Pictures

The Brecon & Merthyr 45 Class loco kit etches are complete and are going to the etchers this week, only a couple of other parts remain to be produced. Therefore I'm sticking my neck out, saying it will be available from the 1st of April in time for NEWGOG on the 6th, where I shall be trading.

On a less up beat note I will be increasing the cost of the RTR versions of GWR County Tank from the 1st April 2019, nominally by 5%. However, anyone who orders one and pays a £300 returnable deposit before then, can still buy at the current price. The kit price remains unchanged.


A belated Happy New Year to you all. I treated myself to a week in bed with a bug before Christmas which has had a knock on effect.

The Rhymney bogie carriages are nearly ready, I am waiting for the test etches and various other components and I will have the etches etc. with at Bristol for anyone who interested to examine there.

I had hoped to have completed the art work for the B&M 45 Class Loco, this will now be ready for NEWGOG.

Lastly, I am now able to offer Slaters wheels and pickups for my kits at a discounted price.


Once again, I'd to thank everyone who came and visited us at Reading yesterday.

I have managed to secure the services of Warren Haywood to paint the GWR County tank in the early lined livery and this add £275 to all versions. The prices for plain GWR livery "done in house", remain as advertised.

Lastly, as my range of number plates continues to grow, I am redesigning the appropriate pages(s) in attempt to make them more user friendly.


I've just received my stand allocation for Reading, TS2, this is in the Thames Suite. For anyone not familiar with the venue this on the opposite side of the main corridor to the main hall.


The GWR County Tank kit instructions are now available to download. GWR County Tank Instructions


I've updated the GWR County page, payment section to included the Scale 7 options.

The last bits for this kit have now arrived and I will be proof reading the instructions tomorrow. A small number of kits are in stock, thereafter there will be the usual 2-3 week lead time.

I'm in the process of cataloguing all the castings etc. those items already on offer.


I will now be attending the Reading Show on 1st December as a trader.

I have increased the range of Number Plates and as of yesterday (22nd November) the price has dropped to £4.50 per pair painted. This includes 15 of the 30 GWR County Tanks.

I can now offer the GWR County Kit with Scale 7 chassis and brake gear at no extra cost.


The support section has been updated again and all of the links should now work.

Whilst I'm finishing the instructions for the GWR County Tank I have hastily built a bogie and radial axle to get some photos to assist anyone who has bought and started one of these kits.

Castings and missing etch have arrived today and therefore completes kits should be available this time next week.


The support section has been updated, please note not all of the links will work.

Please note we will close at 17:00 on the 13th Sept and re-open 09:00 1st October. If you have any pressing questions in the meantime then please E-mail me and I'll try to find a connection every couple of days from which I can respond!

I'll be visiting Reading Show, so if you want anything delivered there, let me know.


Firstly i'd like to thank all those who came to the stand at Telford and said hello.

Much favourable interest was shown in the GWR County Tank, which proved very gratifying. Unfortunately two of the main suppliers had problems meeting the demand from the likes of myself and the required items turned up yesterday. Added to this some previously ordered revised items arrived too late for me to complete a fully finished test build in time for the show.

Having received several requests for a Scale 7 chassis, I will complete the already started artwork and would hope to have it available by the beginning of October.

A number of people were interested in what came in the box. I'll publish a proper contents list with photos in the near future, in the meantime I'll put a copy of the packing list here. GWR County Tank Contents

I will as time permits put all the castings etc. in the shop, so that anyone looking for a part or replacement item can purchase them.

Similarly I will publish various information in the support section including a copy of the instructions.

Lastly, I am prepared for a modest sum, to roll the boiler parts, cab roof and bend the the tank overlays for all my kits. If you are interested please contact me to discuss further.


New test etches have arrived and I've started a build of the Curved Front End version. Follow link to view stage by stage pictures for use in illustrated instructions. GWR County Tank


I've updated the Class 78 and GWR County Tank pages, I've also fixed the menu problem to allow you to get to the County page.

As previously stated the number of County Tank kits available to purchase at Telford will be limited. Therefore if you are interested please let me know as those not already purchased will be sold on a first come first served basis.

I've realised I've got a holiday booked in September, so my previous statement of 2-3 weeks for delivery might end up being 5-6 weeks.


The revised artwork for the GWR County Tank has been sent for etching and I hope to have these back by the end of next week.

All the castings are done, as is the artwork for the the 3D printed parts.

I'll post more details on the GWR County Tank page over the next week. The kit will be supplied in 4 versions - Stright or Curved Footplate, Original or GWR style Bunker, please state which when ordering.

The price for all variations is £420.00. I will have only a limited number available for Telford, after that delivery will be approximately 2 - 3 weeks.

I will draw up the artwork for some converversion packs -Scale 7 Chassis, Bogie Brakes and Water Scoop etc. at the end of September.


The "For Sale" section has changed to "Shop" and is now a menu to various product pages. This section is under construction but I will update it every fews days or when somethings has been added.

It includes sections for Number Plates, 3D printed parts, Metal Castings etc.

The bulk of the castings have now arrived for the GWR County Tank and I'll publish pictures as and when I get a moment. Any parts I feel would be useful to Scratch Builders or for super detailing, I'll make available in the Shop.

All but a couple of the 3D printed items for the County are complete and I hope to have the first batch early next week.

A limited number of kits will be available at Telford and I'll publish more details in the next 7-10 days.


The test build of the GWR County Tank goes well, although one two items will need to be adjusted due manly the metal not beding as predicted (revised etches).

I've posted some pictures and they can found by following this link.GWR County Tank


The etches for the GWR County Tank have arrived and I will do a test build over the next few days.

I'll post some pictures as I go along to give you a flavour of what to expect from the finished kit.



I shall have a available for Telford a kit of the GWR 4-4-2T County Tank. Modellers will be able to produce the straight and curved framed locos with either the original straight or later GWR extended bunker.

The kit will be etched from 0.7mm (0.028") Nickel Silver chassis and 0.45mm (0.018") Nickel Silver for the super structure.

As the prototype was festooned in rivets (1600+) I have designed the kit with overlays and retained a slot and tab approach to add constuction.

Over 60 brass castings, all screws, nuts, bolts, knobs, wire etc. will be included - just the usual bits to buy.

Slaters Plasticard have kindly produced a new Driving wheel with the correct number spokes, shaped boss and throw. (7880CT).

I will post pictures of the test build as I go on the following page, some might be a bit crude, so please bear with me, but it will give you a taste of what is to come. GWR County Tank


The GWR Class 78 rebuild of the RR AP Class is now available to order after a successful test build. Pictures of the finished model will be available shortly.

I've ordered a set of etches the GWR Class 82 rebuild of the RR P and P1 Class and after test building this will also be available to order.


Firstly I'd like to thank the organisers of NEWGOG for a most pleasant show and even more so the paying public who so generously made my day with their patronage, Thank You.

The Website has been fully updated and proposed release dates for new kits are as accurate as I can manage at this time. I realise that some of you will be disappointed by the extension of the release dates for the other kits, but rest assured that I'm as keen as you are to get these kits to "market".

The etches for the GWR Class 78 rebuild of the RR AP Class has been sent to the etchers and I hope to have test build of these within 2 weeks. Similarly the new etches for the GWR Class 82 rebuild of the RR P and P1 Class should be 7-10 days behind this. It is envisaged therefore that both kits be available by Telford and can be ordered for collection there, further information will be provided in due course.

Both kits have been designed to be readily built to Scale 7 standards using the S7 conversion pack. Scale 7 pack


I have produced an etch sheet which has Scale 7 frame spacer, longer brake stretcher bars, wider radial axle box etc. to enable all the existing locos to be built as S7.

All future locos will either use these parts or a separate conversion pack will be available. The parts for the existing packs will be produced to order and will have a 2-3 week lead time. Scale 7 pack


Everything is organised for NEWGOG this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to meeting old and possibly new customers alike.

Progress on the 78 and 82 Class rebuilds has been good and test etches will be ordered after NEWGOG. Additionally other projects are in the "system".


I have finally got around to setting up a shop page!

It is now possible to order GWR block style transfers and Etched number plates for the Rhymney Locos. Additionally I have produce a printed GWR toolbox which is also for sale. Products

Lastly, I have started decided on my plan for a model layout and certain items do not fit into the "grand scheme of things". Therefore I'm offering for sale some surplus kits etc. in the hope someone else will get some pleasure from them. For Sale


My apologies to anyone hoping to see me at Kettering, but regretably the weather and an ice covered hill coupled with rear wheel drive defeated my efforts to get out.


The RR A & RR P class locos are now complete and I will have display models of both for the Kettering show. Rhymney A ----- Rhymney P


I've updated the kits section of the menu bar. In addition to the 2 B&M Locos there are 2 for the Cardiff Railway. I have a GA drawing for the re-built L Class, but not for the L in original condition or the K Class. As I won't produce kits without GA's, any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

I've also added a section for the Taff Vale Railway.


A big thank you to everybody who came to the stand at the Bristol O Gauge Show yesterday, your support is much appreciated.

After several discussions I now intend to produce the B&M 36 Class and the 45 Class Locos. I have already had some of the parts cast or printed and the artwork for the etches is under way, no promises but I may have demo available by Newgog at Newport on 14th April.


The Rhymney Railway AP class passenger loco is now available and the prices are on the Rhymney AP page.

Additionally the artwork for the RR A & RR P class locos is complete and I hope to have a display model of the Rhymney A by the Bristol Show on the 28th January. i will bring the test etches for Rhymney P along also.

Follwing the success of the "round top fire box" boiler design for A Class I shall revisit the S1 with a view to producing it's predecessor the S class.

To assist completing your chosen model I have had some "Caerphilly" style Block GWR water slide decals produced and are now available to order. Additionally I am having most cab side (BR smokebox) Number plates produced for the loco kits I'm producing. The list will increase as more are added and are available painted or unpainted at what I hope you will feel is an affordable price.


I have managed to aquire some more information and using this I hope to bring forward the A & A1 Class Kits. Rhymney A --- Rhymney A1

In addition to the Rhymney locos, data is slowly emerging for other railways like the Brecon & Merthyr, Cardiff and Taff Vale. I would therefore invite anyone interested in any particular loco originating from or based in and around South Wales to let me know.


Following a successful test build of the latest etched sheets the GWR Class 52 rebuild of the Rhymney Railway with a standard No.10 boiler is now available. Class 52

The Rhymney Railway AP class loco test build is progressing well and I anticipate this being available by the end of this month, it is priced the same as the Class 52.

The design work for the A & A1 is nearly complete and it is hoped it will be available for the Bristol Show at the end of January 2018.

Follow this link Brochure to download our latest brochure.


There has been a slight increase to the prices for New kits due to material cost rises. For example an ABC gearbox has risen 10% this year, whilst DCC chips and speakers have also risen in price.


The etches required for the RR 52 Class, have been received and the test build of the chassis is near completion. The rest of the parts should arrive before the week is out.

The final etches, casting masters and files for printed parts required for the RR AP Class, have been sent to the respective manufacturers.

Both kits will be available for order by the end of August.

I have now added a shopping cart to assist selling multiple items. Payment methods remain the same i.e. PayPal, Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer (please call for details).


Just a quick update, the final etches, casting masters and files for printed parts required for the RR 52 Class, have been sent to the respective manufacturers.


After obtaining more data for some classes of Rhymeny Railway Locos, i.e. legible copies of original Works GAs. There has been a change to the order in which the next kits become available.

The A & A1 kits are on hold awaiting the arrival of GAs.

The RR 52 Class design work is nearly complete and the kit will be available no later than Telford.

The next kit will be the RR AP in original form, i.e. Belpaire Firebox, Rhymney Cab etc. and a new page will follow shortly, the kit could be available by Telford or very soon after.

I will be attanding Telford on both days and if anyone ordering kits wishes to save postage cost, I will be happy to deliver there.


The "Marine End" coupling rods went together first time and will provide the correct rods for a number of loco classes.

I've commisioned a selection of number plates for several of the RR Classes and these should be available as and when the kits are ready. For further information please contact me.


The test etch for the first 0-6-2T chassis and that for the "Marine End" coupling rods have arrived. I have also recieved the the brass castings for the upgrade of the S1 Class and for the GWR 52 Class kits.

The layout of the body etch is being finalised and the files for the new printed parts are complete. If the test build is successful the kit for 52 Class could be available during July.


The drawing for first of the 0-6-2T chassis has been sent for a test etch along with that of the "Marine End" coupling rods. Both will be test built to ensure there no inaccuracies.


The first of 0-6-2T chassis designs has been finalised. This incorporates a revised beam compensation system along with a prototype radial axle box with bearings.

We are also close to finalising the design of the "Marine End" coupling rods which many of the classes carried.


As of today all kits will be supplied with rolled boilers including the S1 Class kit. If however you prefer to roll your own then please specify when ordering.


Beam compensation has now been applied to all the S1 Class kits.

I'm in the process of making master for casting some parts in brass. This means that the Safety Valve Bonnet & Dome will be in brass, unlike any photos showing a print part. No kits will be supplied without this upgrade.


I have decided to include compensation beam suspension on all kits. Components include slot and tab hornblock guides, brass bearing, pivot beams, pivot bearings and fixings.

This will be retrospectively applied to the Rhymney S1 Class kit with immediate effect and will not alter the kit price.