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GWR 56xx Class
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Brecon & Mertyr 36 Class
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GWR 36xx Class (Birdcage)
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Cardiff Railway L Class

Latest news and updates

  • I've completed the artwork for a set of number plates for the Brecon and Mertyhr class 36 and 45. These should, with luck be available by the end of the month.

  • The range of parts available for purchase is increasing daily. Shop Page
  • Following a test build, the revised etch drawings for the 56xx have been sent to the etchers and as soon as they back in business I hope to receive stock.
  • Work on the Brecon and Merthyr 36 class are almost complete and again delivery for a test build is dependent on the etchers.
  • The GWR 36xx - "Birdcage", is at an advanced stage and I believe the test etches could arrive with those of the B&M 36.
  • The Cardiff Railway L Class will be next, most of the preliminary work has been completed and will shortly enter the drawing office.