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I have managed to aquire some more information and using this I hope to bring forward the A & A1 Class Kits. Rhymney A --- Rhymney A1

In addition to the Rhymney locos, data is slowly emerging for other railways like the Brecon & Merthyr, Cardiff and Taff Vale. I would therefore invite anyone interested in any particular loco originating from or based in and around South Wales to let me know.


Following a successful test build of the latest etched sheets the GWR Class 52 rebuild of the Rhymney Railway with a standard No.10 boiler is now available. Class 52

The Rhymney Railway AP class loco test build is progressing well and I anticipate this being available by the end of this month, it is priced the same as the Class 52.

The design work for the A & A1 is nearly complete and it is hoped it will be available for the Bristol Show at the end of January 2018.

Follow this link Brochure to download our latest brochure.


There has been a slight increase to the prices for New kits due to material cost rises. For example an ABC gearbox has risen 10% this year, whilst DCC chips and speakers have also risen in price.


The etches required for the RR 52 Class, have been received and the test build of the chassis is near completion. The rest of the parts should arrive before the week is out.

The final etches, casting masters and files for printed parts required for the RR AP Class, have been sent to the respective manufacturers.

Both kits will be available for order by the end of August.

I have now added a shopping cart to assist selling multiple items. Payment methods remain the same i.e. PayPal, Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer (please call for details).


Just a quick update, the final etches, casting masters and files for printed parts required for the RR 52 Class, have been sent to the respective manufacturers.


After obtaining more data for some classes of Rhymeny Railway Locos, i.e. legible copies of original Works GAs. There has been a change to the order in which the next kits become available.

The A & A1 kits are on hold awaiting the arrival of GAs.

The RR 52 Class design work is nearly complete and the kit will be available no later than Telford.

The next kit will be the RR AP in original form, i.e. Belpaire Firebox, Rhymney Cab etc. and a new page will follow shortly, the kit could be available by Telford or very soon after.

I will be attanding Telford on both days and if anyone ordering kits wishes to save postage cost, I will be happy to deliver there.


The "Marine End" coupling rods went together first time and will provide the correct rods for a number of loco classes.

I've commisioned a selection of number plates for several of the RR Classes and these should be available as and when the kits are ready. For further information please contact me.


The test etch for the first 0-6-2T chassis and that for the "Marine End" coupling rods have arrived. I have also recieved the the brass castings for the upgrade of the S1 Class and for the GWR 52 Class kits.

The layout of the body etch is being finalised and the files for the new printed parts are complete. If the test build is successful the kit for 52 Class could be available during July.


The drawing for first of the 0-6-2T chassis has been sent for a test etch along with that of the "Marine End" coupling rods. Both will be test built to ensure there no inaccuracies.


The first of 0-6-2T chassis designs has been finalised. This incorporates a revised beam compensation system along with a prototype radial axle box with bearings.

We are also close to finalising the design of the "Marine End" coupling rods which many of the classes carried.


As of today all kits will be supplied with rolled boilers including the S1 Class kit. If however you prefer to roll your own then please specify when ordering.


Beam compensation has now been applied to all the S1 Class kits.

I'm in the process of making master for casting some parts in brass. This means that the Safety Valve Bonnet & Dome will be in brass, unlike any photos showing a print part. No kits will be supplied without this upgrade.


I have decided to include compensation beam suspension on all kits. Components include slot and tab hornblock guides, brass bearing, pivot beams, pivot bearings and fixings.

This will be retrospectively applied to the Rhymney S1 Class kit with immediate effect and will not alter the kit price.